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10/17/2018 News

Total Campus: a new space to explore, now on Careers

We’ve upgraded Total Campus and combined it with Total Careers but this new section—now called Students—is still all about you. Let us show you around this new space we’ve rearranged so that you can find what you’re looking for straight away. Take the tour.


Menu/Home page: what you’re looking for, at a glance


Skip straight to the section you’re interested in: 

  • All our offers (internships, work-study programs, VIE contracts, permanent jobs, etc.) along with our tips to prepare for interviews;
  • Our scholarship programs in France and around the world;
  • Total’s challenges (past and present).

The home page is also the best place to stay in touch with us. You’ll find: 

  • Links to our official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds;
  • A form to sign up for our newsletter;
  • And our latest news.

Why not you?: step into Total’s universe

Considering our Group as an option to start your career? Want to take a look behind the scenes? Not sure what exactly puts Total in a class by itself? Looking for an internship, work-study program or VIE contract? Have an interview and are wondering what we’ll be asking you? 

This is where you’ll find everything you need to know about us and our recruitment process.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just looking around or you’ve already made up your mind to work for Total. Read on for: 

  • All our job offers; 
  • Our tips to apply;
  • Testimonials from former interns and scholars; 
  • 5 great reasons to start your career with us.

Total near you: our commitment to education and what we can do together 

An overview of our initiatives around the world—sharing insights at forums, sponsoring students, partnering with universities, running university-level training courses, and more.

And photos from all the challenges you’ve tackled in the past, plus previews of the challenges to come.

Where to find what you’re looking for​?

Internships, work-study-programs, VIE contacts, permanent jobs, etc. 


Total’s scholarship programs (and where and how to apply for one)


Total’s community on social networks


What former interns are saying about their experience at Total


Total’s challenges (Team Total, My Total Campus, Total Energy Summer School, etc.) 


Total’s educational initiatives around the world