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At TotalEnergies, we know that spreading knowledge as far and wide as we can is essential to our Group’s success. We’re aware that sharing our expertise, standards and resources benefits everyone, and we rank our commitment to education among our top long-term priorities. 

We award scholarships to the most deserving students so that they can study in their local area or region, or overseas. And this investment helps us to identify the talents that we want on board to realize our vision—to become the responsible energy major—together.

IFP and ICL scholarships

Many of our scholarships go to students who are planning to attend IFP School near Paris or Imperial College London, and ask TotalEnergies to sponsor them during their studies. (TotalEnergies’s sponsorships can involve scholarships or work-study programs.) The annual campaign kicks off at the beginning of the year and students need to send two separate applications: one to the school and then another to us through our application platform on Careers.

International scholarships

Each year, TotalEnergies selects students around the world, based on merit, and includes them in its cohort of international scholars taking courses at France’s top universities and grandes écoles.

When they complete their training, these TotalEnergies scholars return to their country of origin. Our goal is to foster the next generation of leaders and innovators—who will play their part in taking their countries’ and the world’s energy industry to new heights—and to grow our international network of graduates, TotalEnergies Alumni, which has over 1,000 members today.

Local scholarships

We also provide a choice of regional or local scholarships. Our subsidiaries around the world agree that educating young people is part of an industrial company’s social responsibility, and they develop their own scholarship programs and initiatives for students in their area.