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If you see yourself as a professional with a purpose, here’s a chance to join a company that’s in touch with the world and rising to the big challenges that are shaping our future. And we have a variety of opportunities for young professionals to boost their resumé and start their career in a fast-moving and motivating universe!  

Help us tackle the energy challenges of tomorrow

Looking for meaningful projects and the opportunity to play an active role in energy transition? As a major energy player in over 130 countries, we tackle every day the big challenges of tomorrow's world: meeting the energy needs of a growing population, climate change, new ways of consumption. This means concrete projects: exploring the bio-energies route in the Netherlands, building solar power plants in South Africa and Japan, rebooting gas cooperation in Iran, developing new electricity storage technologies in France.

Our mission is to supply cleaner and more available energy to the greatest number of people while complying with the highest safety standards. By starting your career with us, you will contribute actively to our goal of becoming the responsible energy major.

Get the most out of your first experience

Starting with TotalEnergies means taking the first steps in your career with the certainty that this first experience will be valued and recognized throughout the world. As an oil and gas producer for almost a century, we are today one of the world's main energy players, including in solar power and natural gas. By joining us you will have the opportunity to develop key skills through cross-functional collaboration in multicultural teams.

Start your career in the international arena

Like the 5 million students who take a study year abroad every year, you may dream of gaining experience in a foreign country. The TotalEnergies Group operates on every continent and can therefore offer many international career opportunities. For instance, you can join us in the framework of a VIE position or the Young Graduate Program.

98% of students recommend the TotalEnergies experience

TotalEnergies is a great company for starting your professional life! 98% of students questioned by « Meilleures-entreprises » said they were satisfied with their experience in the Group. What pleased them the most? The projects, the international dimension, the compensation and the quality of management.

Find the opportunity that’s right for you 

At TotalEnergies, we invest in tomorrow’s talent and look forward to walking with you on your path to success. We know that we are where we are because we can count on the diversity in our teams and on our employees’ wide-ranging profiles. We’re an eminently international group, we respect our host countries’ educational values, and provide opportunities in a variety of paths. 

Our main goal is to give you the resources to bring your plans to fruition, and the options encompass:

  • our internships,
  • our international and local scholarship programs,
  • our outreach programs in primary and secondary schools.

If you already have your degree, we provide:

  • thesis-research contracts, 
  • VIE (volunteer for international experience) contracts,
  • graduate programs. 
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