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Ana Rita

Total Careers

Meet Ana Rita, an intern at Total Gas, Renewables & Power in France. She is a student at France’s École Polytechnique, where she is enrolled in the EIT-InnoEnergy master program, coming from Portugal.

A Tweet, a trip to Dubai and a chance to get to know Total!

The fact that I am working today for Total is because I was really involved with student associations and I met Total representatives at the World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF) in 2014. So how did I get to attend this event, which took place in Dubai? I won a Total Campus Twitter competition! The prize was a trip to WEEF2014, to help Total and BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) facilitate the Global Student Forum.

Building a network and looking for opportunities

During the WEEF, I learned a lot about Total and met people that inspired me to explore potential future career paths. I also did a lot of networking at the event, and I stayed in touch with Monique Simon, Regional HR manager for Africa Division, Total Exploration and Production. When it was time to look for an internship, I met with her and Andrew Hogg, Total’s Director of Education. Once they knew what I was looking for, they redirected my CV to Total’s Gas, Renewables & Power Branch.

Freedom and support: life as a Total intern

As an intern, I have had the opportunity to work on Total’s Solarization project and understand its scope and its importance in the Group’s strategy for renewable energies. Being involved in this global project from the beginning, and seeing the progress has been very rewarding. I feel like I am doing work that is really relevant and that will have a big impact.

I have a good balance between freedom to do the work and support to do my job properly, and it’s good to be part of a team that appreciates your contribution and values you as a team member.

Understanding the energy industry from the inside

Total is a great place for me to expand my professional network and my knowledge of the energy industry. I meet a lot of people with different backgrounds and various levels of experience, and I have learned a lot. My colleagues have inspired and shaped my ways of working too.

At Total, I get to understand the energy industry from the inside and see how decisions are made. Both the people I work with and the knowledge I am gaining will influence my decisions when it comes to my future career.