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The first thing you have to do if you want to invest your energy in the TotalEnergies Group is capture our recruiters’ attention. To do that, you need to prepare your application carefully. Unfailing motivation and solid skills aren’t enough to impress recruiters. So stack the odds in your favor: think carefully about your resumé and cover letter, your career plans, why your profile fits the job description, and so forth. 

Here are our tips to wow recruiters and be at your best when the time comes! 

#1 – Make sure your application is clear, complete and customized 

A good application will catch our recruiter’s eye as soon as he or she sees it. To make that happen:

  • Make sure it’s clear and well organized. If recruiters have to sift through an indistinct mass of information to figure out what your key skills might be and whether or not you have relevant experience, they’ll just move on to the next one. The medium is as important as the message. 
  • Show us how professional you are. Your resumé is the first impression you’ll make. Prepare it carefully to show us you’re serious about the job. Read through it several times before sending it to make sure there are no typos or other mistakes.
  • Customize your application for the job. Please don’t send us a one-size-fits-all resumé. Our recruiters will be interested in your application if they see that you’re interested in the job. Be proactive: show us why you’re perfect for this particular vacancy.

#2 – Make the meeting meaningful 

Interesting our recruiters is the first step. Now you have to make an equally good impression when you meet them. Here’s how:

  • Show them that you know everything there is to know about TotalEnergies. Find out about the values we stand for, the challenges we’re tackling, our history, our strengths and our operations around the world. Remember we’re meeting several candidates so we’re looking for something that will make you stand out. Don’t leave us wondering if you’re really all that keen on being part of the Group. 
  • Be yourself. We don’t mind if you’ve followed a perfectly typical or completely atypical path so far: we want to know how the job you’re applying for makes sense in your career path. Show your interviewer why you’re the solution to the problems he or she is dealing with, and how your skills match the job description. Use precise information and make your case based on facts. Talk about your “professional project” and show us that you can plan ahead. 

#3 – Get involved 

We like it when candidates ask questions that show that they’re already visualizing themselves working with us. We also expect you to ask lots of questions because we want you to make the smartest career decision you can!

So be inquisitive and expect a lot: ask your interviewers all about the job, the teams and the assignments. Be active and show us that you decide where to direct your career. 

You're up!