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  • By 2025, 30% of senior executives and top managers will be women, thereby reflecting the Company's global composition.
  • By 2025, 45% of senior executives and 40% of top managers will be non-French.
  • The Company's efforts to integrate people with disabilities are recognized by 90% of the employees concerned (internal perception survey conducted by Kantar TNS and TH Conseil/2018).

A global approach to improving women's place at work

  • Top management has defined an ambitious set of objectives: in 2020, 25% of our senior executives were women, and we are aiming to increase that number to 30% by 2025.
  • Initiatives to encourage young women to pursue a career in technology and science: in partnership with the "Elles Bougent" association since 2011.
  • This commitment begins with their recruitment and lasts throughout their career: based on equivalent qualifications and experience, the same proportion of men and women are promoted as part of our determination to break the glass ceiling.
  • Training and awareness-raising actions
  • Mentoring schemes and collaborative development workshops with the TWICE network (TotalEnergies Women Initiatives for Communication & Exchange), which features over 5,000 members worldwide.


Diversité internationale

International teams offer a tremendous blend of talented individuals

  • 160 nationalities represented
  • International employees represent over 67% of the organization's workforce
  • The proportion of international hires is 86.9%
Homme en fauteuil roulant

 Disabilities high on our list of priorities

  • For over 20 years, TotalEnergies has been pursuing a robust policy in France for integrating disabled people based on four key areas: recruitment, employability, education and training for other employees, and partnerships with the sheltered and protected employment sector.
  • On an international level, the Group signed the International Labour Organization's "Global Business and Disability Network Charter" in 2018, followed by The Valuable 500 in 2020, a global movement aimed at getting multinational corporations to put disability inclusion on their agenda.

Our employees have their say:

" The fact that I've been registered as having a recognized disability has enabled me to move forward. Disabilities in no way hold people back from climbing the career ladder at TotalEnergies! "

Yves, Platform Inspector, Refining & Chemicals Division, La Mède

" There's a tendency to think that women are not cut out for technical jobs, but that's not the case at TotalEnergies. "

Linda, Joint Ventures Coordinator, Exploration & Production Division, Uganda


" I came to France in 2019. It's always a rewarding experience to rub shoulders with people from different backgrounds and cultures. It's the ideal way to see other points of view and move out of your comfort zone. "

Frode, DVP Group Budget & Financial Control, Holding Branch, a Norwegian national living in Paris

" The biggest surprise was the amount of support I received before I was hired... they made me feel so important and like a real human being. I've been given a tremendous amount of help when it comes to special equipment and hardware. For example, they've provided a super chair specifically suited to my needs! My liaison has been so incredibly effective. She's made such a difference by making sure that I've got everything I need. "

Lina, Innovation Project Manager, Exploration & Production Division, Paris

" I think that TotalEnergies is a leader when it comes to appreciating all their employees, no matter if they are male or female or any other difference."

Mikala, HR and Communication, Gas, Renewables & Power Division, Houston USA

Yohana Pigla

" I've been working in France for 10 years. Working in a multicultural environment is a terrific opportunity to discover other cultures and backgrounds. We may be based in Paris, but we can work with people from so many other countries! "

Yohana, Head of the Digital Academy within the TotalEnergies Digital Factory, a Cameroonian national living in Paris