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What is digital accessibility?

Saying that a website is accessible means that all users, including people with disabilities or impairments, can easily and conveniently access its content, using specific software or hardware if necessary.


On an accessible website, users can for example:

  • Retrieve content via voice synthesizers or refreshable braille displays if they are blind or otherwise visually impaired;
  • Adjust the website’s display (font size, content color and contrast);
  • Browse using keyboard shortcuts or a touchscreen instead of a mouse.


To do this, a website needs to be designed and then updated following strict rules.

The website’s structure is organized into four sections, which can be reached from the main menu. Each section then opens into several chapters:


  • Why TotalEnergies?
    - A responsible employer
    - 5 great reasons to join us
    - Employee benefits at TotalEnergies
    - Boost your career
    - Opportunities for young people
    - The world is yours
    - Discover TotalEnergies (redirecting to


  • Our professions
    - Operations and Logistics
    - Geosciences and Drilling
    - Industrial Project Management
    - Trading and Commerce
    - Support Roles
    - HSEQ
    - Research and Development


  • Apply
    - Our offers
    - The 4 steps of our recruitment process
    - Do you have the TotalEnergies spirit?
    - Our advice for the perfect application


  •  Your account

Help on has a variety of features enabling users to browse content as easily and conveniently as possible.


Header logo

The TotalEnergies logo at the top of every page is a shortcut back to the home page.


Main menu

The menu under the banner is a gateway to the main sections and pages on You can use a mouse or touchscreen to open this drop-down menu.


Quick access icons

You can use the quick-access icons under the banner to share or print the website page you are on.


Footer menu

The menu at the bottom of the screen links to other pages with general information (Contact, Legal information and notice, Cookies and privacy, and the Site map).


Breadcrumb trail

The breadcrumb trail under the banner at the top of every page (except the home page) tells you where you are in the website and how you got there from the home page. The section and page titles are also live links you can use to skip back to content you browsed earlier.


Site map

The site map you can reach from the footer menu on every page provides an overview of all content, and the section and page titles there are live links.


The features in your browser

In addition to the amenities listed above, is designed to make the most of the features embedded in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or other browsers.


Font size

You can adjust the font size on any page.

If you are using a PC, hold down the Ctrl key and tap + (plus sign) one or more times to zoom in on the page, or hold down the Ctrl key and tap - (minus sign) one or more times to zoom out. Holding down Ctrl and tapping 0 (zero key) resets the display to its default size.

If you are using a Mac, simply hold down the Cmd key instead of Ctrl and use the +, - or 0 keys to enlarge, shrink or reset the display.


Keyboard shortcuts is designed for keyboard navigation within pages. In most cases, you can simply hit Tab on your keyboard to skip from one clickable link on the page to the next, and Shift Tab to toggle back.



You can hold down the Ctrl key and tap P on a PC keyboard, or hold down the Cmd key and tap P on a Mac keyboard, to print the page you are on.



Holding down Ctrl and tapping D on a PC keyboard, or Cmd and D on a Mac keyboard, saves the page you are on to your list of favorites.



You will find a number of videos on and we have made a point of ensuring as many people as possible can enjoy them. The website has an embedded HTML5 video player so you do not need to install any other software.



Several videos include detailed transcripts enabling you to access the information in the video even if you are unable to play it. If a transcript is available, you will find a link to open it right beneath the video.



Many of the videos include synched closed captions, so that people with hearing impairments or disabilities, or people who are unable to use their device’s sound system, can nevertheless access the video’s content. compliance with accessibility best practices

The TotalEnergies Group has made a point of applying accessibility best practices throughout the website’s design and production process, and on all subsequent updates.


We are nevertheless aware that there is room to improve the following:

  • Users cannot yet navigate the main menu using keyboard shortcuts;
  • Users cannot yet move back and forth within videos using keyboard shortcuts;
  • Users playing videos on the screen cannot yet use all of the media control buttons.


At the TotalEnergies Group, we are constantly enhancing accessibility on our digital communication media. If you have any trouble browsing or accessing any of its content, please feel free to tell us about the issue you encountered and your related impairment.

Contact us

You can open the Contact page and fill in the form in English or French, or write to us at TotalEnergies, Tour Coupole - 2, place Jean Millier - Arche Nord - Coupole/Regnault - 92078 Paris La Défense Cedex - France.