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Be the change with TotalEnergies: we give you the resources to support our transformation and make a meaningful contribution to a just, sustainable energy transition. Our awareness-raising program provides training and coaching so you can perform effectively in multi-energy professions, notably in power and renewables, and develop decisive skills today and tomorrow.

Join our multi-energy ambition

We are undergoing a profound transformation, with you, to make the energy transition a reality. Determined and realistic, we are building a multi-energy culture that gives meaning to your involvement in our projects focused on more energy, fewer emissions. Our employees take part in large-scale training and information initiatives such as "Visa for TotalEnergies" to support this ambition. These initiatives help you gain a better understanding of climate issues and the changes under way, share our responses, and key projects, and integrate and challenge our ambition to get to net zero by 2050. 

"Electrification of final energy demand combined with decarbonization of electricity is a key driver of the energy transition."

On the road to transformation

In 2022, our "Visa for TotalEnergies" program gave 30,000 employees an opportunity to learn about climate issues and our responses. This training program includes modules on climate, biodiversity and a sustainable energy mix aligned with our stakeholders' expectations and our transformation strategy. More than 200 plenary sessions and 2,000 workshops were organized over six months in more than 110 countries. The initiative continues in 2023, with training for employees posted at or seconded to our industrial sites and the introduction of a new chapter on electricity.


Bringing the professions of the energy transition alive

We are pushing the envelope and adapting our skills and working methods to the challenges of the transition and changes in society. Obviously, we provide training to help you address these challenges. We also support employees who want to move from our historical businesses to professions in renewables and power. We have launched several programs, ranging from a few weeks of training to more in-depth learning that combines classroom training and work-shadowing. This purposely long-term approach is designed to support and anticipate future changes in the Company's operations. Employees experienced in managing oil & gas projects, for example, can shift over to solar farm installation projects, and reservoir engineers can move into modeling for offshore wind.

Training in electric mobility

In Marketing & Services, training on the specific features of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles has been developed for service station staff. In 2022, 400 operators, maintenance-construction engineers and sales teams received training. The 2023 program is expected to bring another 1,000 employees in France onboard, and gradually on an international scale. This upskilling of the teams aims to support TotalEnergies' goal of operating 150,000 charge points for electric vehicles.

Source: URD, page 334

Mix and match your energies for brand new challenges!

Our industrial and technological success has always relied on our ability to innovate, our operational excellence and our employees' peer- recognized technical and scientific skills. In 2021, we took a major new step by combining our technical and scientific teams into a single segment called OneTech. This unprecedented leveraging of our energies to support the energy transition involved more than 3,400 engineers, technicians, and researchers from all our business segments working in nine sites in Europe. This new organization strengthens our innovation and megaproject design capabilities for all types of energy. By mixing and matching talent and skills, we have created a fantastic accelerator for transforming the energy landscape.

* Source: S&C report page 39

A new research center for decarbonized energies

In 2022, TotalEnergies teamed up with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) to create a center of excellence in low carbon energies. The center will allow us to improve our performance, test tomorrow's technologies and train our employees. Starting in 2023, it has access to an industrial scale pilot site comprising wind turbines, a solar power plant and batteries for conducting research with DTU on hybrid systems and the integration of renewables in power grids.

Source: S&C report page 39

Innovating to accelerate

Each year, we devote around $1 billion to R&D and innovation. In 2022, 58% of this focused on new energies (renewable electricity and new molecules), batteries and reducing our environmental footprint (methane, CCUS, water, biodiversity, etc.). This figure stands at 65% in 2023, pointing to the Company's future. Another innovation driver launched in 2022 is TotalEnergies On, an electricity start-up accelerator based in France.

* Source: S&C report page 37

Leveraging digital technology to drive performance

In 2020, TotalEnergies opened a Digital Factory in Paris that brings together 300 developers, data scientists and other digital experts to speed the Company's digital transformation. They will do this by developing the digital solutions the Company needs to improve its industrial operations' availability and costs, offer customers new services (notably to manage and optimize their energy use), develop in new decentralized energies and reduce its environment impact.

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