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An international business with more than twenty main professional domains, TotalEnergies provides you with the resources to achieve your ambitions. We help you to take charge of your career: you can develop it over time, move and change, and build your own career plan. We are committed to meeting the challenges of tomorrow: together, let’s open up new horizons.

Go for a job that makes a difference

To meet the expectations of employees faced with the challenges of the energy transition and climate change, TotalEnergies is committed to a just transition. We are therefore not only offering you the opportunity to grow and to achieve your ambitions, but also to contribute to a shared goal. With TotalEnergies, you will play a key role in meeting the challenges of a transition that we want to be fair: reinventing energy responsibly. Your job makes a difference and your profession is challenging: building the future.

Work on fascinating projects!

Energy is an industry that requires cutting-edge expertise and high-level skills. Our employees’ competencies and ability to manage large-scale projects have allowed TotalEnergies to develop across the globe. This expertise enables us to provide support for our customers and partners in the most demanding fields such as liquid natural gas, electricity, floating wind power and renewables, deep offshore, refining and petrochemicals. You can be a front line operative, designing and developing major innovative, complex, building-block industrial projects that advance society towards net zero in 2050, such as the Al Kharsaah solar power plant in Qatar, one of the largest in the Middle East, or the Grandpuits zero crude facility in France.


“In 2023, we will invest around $5 in low-carbon energies - more than our investments in new gas oil projects - to move forward even faster.”

Engineers, technicians and researchers working together!

In the OneTech segment, the combination of technical and scientific expertise has enabled us to build multi-disciplinary teams to successfully carry out our new industrial projects, whatever the sector. For example, when starting up the green hydrogen production unit at the La Mède biorefinery, the Refining & Chemicals segment was able to draw on the support of a team with the necessary technical skills for solar energy, electricity, hydrogen and refining. This was also the case for developing new biofuel and biopolymer production processes with the Research & Development teams. OneTech is also involved in projects closely aligned with the Company’s goals, such as Aramis, the major global initiative for CO2 storage in the Netherlands, and the roll-out of multi-energy solutions in Iraq.

Change your tune!

Our 20+ professional domains encompass all the value chains of the different energies. This great diversity opens up multiple opportunities and chances for professional advancement in line with your ambitions in technical, business or support positions, in around 130 countries. You will not always be doing the same thing throughout your career! You can have several professional lives. You will advance with the opportunity of changing jobs every three or four years, tackling many different situations, in several positions and in a variety of environments. Looking to the future, you will move forward while developing your knowledge, gaining new expertise, taking on more responsibility and expanding your network: you can fulfill your potential while growing.

Take your foot off the brake!

At TotalEnergies, you are fully in charge of your career plan. Thanks to our policy of internal mobility you can, like thousands of our employees each year, freely apply to change jobs and continue to progress as you wish towards new horizons without leaving the Company! Our internal mobility platform, TotalEnergies Job Posting, gives all our employees a complete view of the open positions, seize job opportunities within the Company and choose their career paths. In just a few clicks you can access all the job postings worldwide, in any professional domain, submit your application and get ready to rise to new challenges! More than 10,000 jobs are posted on the platform each year.

  • 20
    main categories of jobs and professions
  • 130
    host countries
  • 10,000
    offers per year

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