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TotalEnergies is a major industrial player in energy and the energy transition. It is also a responsible employer and corporate citizen. That means we are doing everything we can to achieve a transition that is as just as possible for our employees, our stakeholders and society as a whole. Backed by our values of respect and solidarity, our strength and reliability, and a commitment to excellence, our Company is steadily implementing its ambition to get to net zero by 2050. You are therefore at the center of the energy transition. You are here to push the envelope, change things from the inside and drive our Company's renewal from within. 

Achieving a transition that is as just as possible

The challenge facing us is to produce the energy we need today while developing the energy of tomorrow. To meet this challenge, TotalEnergies is taking a balanced approach to ensure a transition that is as just as possible by investing both in the current system based on fossil energies and the emerging system based on low carbon energies.

We believe that it is necessary to reconcile the stakes of climate change with the cost of energy and supply security.

We have chosen to do that in a realistic, sustainable way by developing our multi-energy model (oil, gas, electricity, hydrogen, biofuels and biogas, wind and solar) and by profoundly transforming our Company, truly walking the talk. Nearly nine employees out of ten are confident in our ability to achieve our ambition!

« Pressure is growing on energy companies to meet a wide range of occasionally conflicting expectations. These demands reflect people's aspiration to build a more responsible and more equitable world, while ensuring that the required transition is as fair as possible. »

People's well-being: what is at stake?

The 2015 Paris Agreement has generated a groundswell of awareness about the climate challenges and the emergency to act taking into account the imperatives of a just transition. The International Labour Organization (ILO) guidelines for a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies for all emphasize that economic actors must go beyond this single field to integrate social and environmental concerns in their activities. Care for people is highlighted as a key element, covering multiple dimensions: safety, respect for human rights or individual fulfillment. This is why TotalEnergies, as a major player in the world of energy, wants to be a reference as an employer and a responsible operator.

Giving meaning to what we do

Among the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, universal access to clean energy is fully aligned with our ambition, given our commitment to providing energy that is ever more affordable, cleaner, more reliable and accessible to as many people as possible. In emerging economies, this is indispensable to economic and social development. In Uganda and Tanzania, nearly 80,000 direct and indirect jobs will be created during the construction phase of the Tilenga and EACOP projects, and three million hours of training will be provided. Those skills are destined to expand the local job market and strengthen the local industrial infrastructure. In addition, nearly $2 billion in contracts will be awarded to local subcontractors and suppliers.

Counting on our values

TotalEnergies' transformation is a demanding undertaking, supported not only by concrete investments, but also by committed people. More than ever, we will leverage our values: Safety, Respect for each other, Pioneer spirit, Stand together and Performance minded. We will make no compromises when it comes to respect for human rights in our activities and operations around the world, be it in the workplace, with our partners and service providers, or in our relations with host communities. We apply best practices based, among other things, on the United Nations' Guiding Principles on Business and Human rights, including prohibiting forced labor, child labor and discrimination and ensuring just, satisfactory, and safe working conditions and decent wages.

Counting on our strengths

Our multi-energy strategy, integrated business model and solid finances are strengths that allow us to be a major player in sustainable energy and to navigate the changes facing our industry. Our transformation is supported by the scale and stability of our investment policy. Of the $16 billion invested in 2022, nearly $4 billion was channeled to electricity and low-carbon molecules. We plan to invest $5 billion in these areas in 2023 – more than in new oil and gas projects.

Multi-energy development in 5 key countries in 2022


Counting on You!

Being a responsible industrial firm also means being a reference as an employer and a responsible operator. This ambition concerns our employees first and foremost. Their commitment and excellence are the Company's key performance drivers. The main challenges here are to attract and retain a diverse range of talent, based on the key skills needed by the Company, with non-discrimination and equal opportunity as core principles. We then need to support our people as professions and technologies change so that they remain employable over the long term. Lastly, we must ensure a high level of engagement, cemented by respect for each other, an inclusive corporate culture and improved quality of life at work.

Our ambition: being a leading name as a responsible employer and operator


Our employees take action

In 2018, the Company launched the Action! program allowing each employee to devote up to three workdays every year to associations of general interest. More than 15,000 employees worldwide have already committed to 30,000 citizenship initiatives with 1,000 partner associations.

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