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You need to feel good to be effective, and you need to have good working conditions to feel good when working! At TotalEnergies, we offer a safe, comfortable, and friendly environment where it feels good working together and which fosters top performance. We promote flexible and modern ways of working to unleash your energy and stimulate collective efficiency.

We support your well-being

Regardless of where you are located, you benefit from information campaigns, events, and workshops designed to enhance your well-being at work and your work-life balance. In 2022, close to 17,000 employees, based in France, had the opportunity to participate in conferences and sports during our “Quality of Life at Work” week. Many of our sites also have food services, medical units, and even fitness areas. To measure well-being at TotalEnergies, the first “Care” index was published in 2022, and it shows that 95% of employees say they work in safe conditions.

Well-being at TotalEnergies

In 2023, the TotalEnergies Well-Being program aims to give all our employees around the world the support they need to take care of themselves and their families. The program ties together the complete range of our resources and commitments related to health, social protection, work environment and ways of working, and family life – summarized through four key pillars:

  • Preserving the physical and mental health of employees 
  • Ensuring decent wages and quality social protection
  • Promoting a flexible, modern, and attractive organization of work while preserving collective efficiency in a safe work environment 
  • Making it possible for employees to take care of their families

Remote working and flexibility

We encourage remote working as a way to improve work-life balance, when possible. When working remotely, your rhythm adapts to your job and profession, as well as to the needs of your team, in order to strike the right balance and support the collective effort. You may also benefit from flexible hours and choose to work part time for more flexibility when planning out your week. We are committed to building a hybrid work environment, with fair and clear guidelines for all in order to combine flexibility, collective performance, and individual fulfillment while retaining a sense of corporate community.

  • 95
    of our employees consider that they work in safe conditions
  • 82
    of our affiliates have implemented flexible working hours
  • 83
    of our companies have introduced occasional teleworking

You also have the right to focus!

In line with our innovative spirit, we have introduced the concept of a “Green Friday” every other week – a day dedicated to be free off meetings, which gives you time to focus on your own work and step back to see the big picture. This new approach was applied worldwide in 2023. In France, a pragmatic guide outlines the principles and guarantees governing the right to disconnect, as well as best practices for using professional digital tools.

A pleasant place to work

We provide you with a modern and safe workspace, be it in an office, an offshore rig, an operational site or similar. You will work in an environment designed with the purpose of helping you to be effective and feeling fulfilled. No matter where you are located, you will have a workstation that is efficient, and it is regularly updated to be ergonomically improved and adapted to your needs.

An agile work environment

We provide you with a digital work environment featuring advanced collaborative tools that are adapted to the new ways of working. We also provide training and practical guides to help you use these resources and adapt quickly to each new evolution. Our meeting rooms are designed to encourage teamwork, discussion, and creativity. And we are gradually deploying breakrooms and Bonjour shops, at our main sites, so you can relax, get a quick coffee, or pick up a few last-minute items.

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