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Personal Data and Cookies Charter

Welcome to the website TotalEnergies Careers.

The Personal Data and Cookies Charter (hereinafter “Charter”) aims to inform you about your rights that you can exercise regarding the processing of your data and describes the measures that we take to protect these data.

TotalEnergies SE is the « data controller » with responsability for personal data processing on the website. These processing operations are carried out in accordance with the applicable law.

1.Purpose of processing

The website is for information purposes only, and as such does not collect any personal data. In order to apply for a job, the user is redirected to the website, which has its own personal data and tracers charter available here

2. Cookies management

A cookie is a file which enables a website to save information relating to your computer’s browsing of the website to make your visits to the website smoother. Cookies are text files that are stored on yourcomputer’s browser. They allow access to various information about you. Some of them belong to the publisher of the website (First party) and some to third parties. The table below details each cookie on the website. We enable cookies once you have given your consent, except for technical cookies that are necessary to provide the service you request on website.

The table below gives a detailed view of each cookie/tracker.

We activate cookies and other trackers once you have given your consent, with the exception of technical cookies and trackers that are essential to the provision of the service you request on the website and its candidate portal.

The cookies proposed by the data controller

Cookie Description Duration
Site (has_js) Contains information about the browsing session and allows the user to access the site Deleted at the end of the browsing
Site (cookie_agreed) Stores a user's choice regarding cookies 13 months
Drupal.language Drupal configuration cookie (redirection by language) 7 days
Drupal_language_redirection Drupal configuration cookie 1 year
Drupal.tableDrag.showWeight Drupal configuration cookie 1 year
authorized_config Allows to know which services have been refused or accepted by the user 1 year
getaquote In a Find My Product form, records user input 1 year
cookie-agreed Cookie created by Smile to remember the user's choice regarding cookies in the context of the RGPD 1 year 1 day
preferredlanguage Cookie to save user-selected language 1 year


Cookies offered by third parties 

Cookie Description Duration
utag_main Used by Tealium 1 year


Statistics cookies

Cookie Description Duration
xtant Cookie set by AT Internet (Analytics) containing a technical value related to the management of identified visitors. Used by XITI 6 months
xtat Cookie set by AT Internet (Analytics) containing a textual identifier of the visitor. Used by XITI 6 months
xtvrn Cookie set by AT Internet (Analytics) listing the numsites (unique site identifier) encountered by the visitor. Used by XITI 6 months
atuserid Cookie set by AT Internet (Analytics) to identify visitors to sites in first-party cookie (nb. Cookie does not use a different domain name than the site). Used by XITI 1 year 1 day
atidvisitor Cookie set by AT Internet (Analytics) to count the numsites (unique identifiers of a site) seen by the visitor and store the visitor's identifiers. Used by XITI 6 months


3. How to withdraw your consent?

When you first connect to the website, you give, or not, your consent to the use of cookies and/or proceed to a setting. If later, you wish to reconsider your choices, you can manage your cookies by going to the section at the bottom of our site or application page or via a reminder button named “cookies”.

To delete already installed cookies, please refer to the operating procedure provided by your operating system (Windows, OS…)