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At TotalEnergies, you are unique, but you are never alone! As an active participant in your professional development, we take your skills, experience and aspirations into account as we help you grow. Our individual support will allow you to advance along your career path with confidence. Your manager-coach and talent developer will be by your side for each new milestone.

Manager-coach: a new role

Our trained managers are available to guide you as you unlock your potential. Every day, they help you develop your skills with an open, positive, and empowering approach and in an environment of trust. This mindset allows you to find meaning in your work, be fully engaged and empowered to explore your full potential. Manager-coaches are responsible, among other things, for sharing the collective vision, setting individual objectives, delegating, empowering, supporting each employee, and giving and receiving feedback.

Feedback to help you improve

Your manager-coach is attentive and available to guide you and help you grow. Their regular and constructive feedback gives you a clear view of your actions so you can move forward with confidence. Your manager-coach is also present for your annual individual review. This important conversation provides an opportunity to look back at the past year, discuss your achievements and performance in a constructive way and consider different options for career growth and training.

Informed coaching

It takes time and experience to become an effective manager-coach. That's why we have designed a training program for managers to help develop their management skills and make them more comfortable in their role as manager-coaches. This training begins with their first management position and continues throughout their career. It includes co-development workshops among peers. So far, more than 1,500 sessions have been organized during which participants work together to find solutions to real-life manager-coach problems.

Talent developer!

You can also count on your talent developer to help you fulfill your potential. Talent developers are there to actively support you with a fresh perspective at each step of your career. Together, in a relationship of trust, you review your aspirations, identify skills that need to be developed and look at the different tools for achieving your objectives. Your talent developer knows you well and provides regular advice to put you on the right road while taking into account your career desires and interests, notably in your career assessments reviews and requests for mobility.

More than 400 talent developers support our employees in their career development.

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