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No worries! At TotalEnergies, you work in a protective environment. We provide a high-quality benefits package and rewarding compensation worldwide. This is also our way of giving you the means to achieve your full potential: offering peace of mind in the workplace.

Compensation: we value your value!

We offer fair, competitive compensation. Equal pay is important to us, and we offer equivalent compensation for positions with the same level of responsibility in a given environment. Your base salary is also subject to general and individual increases in recognition of team and individual performance. According to your country of employment, you may also receive variable compensation rewarding your personal performance, and perhaps, as in France, group variable compensation in the form of bonuses, incentives and profit-sharing.

“We ensure all our employees a direct compensation above the living wage of the country or region in which they work. This salary wage is defined as income that, in exchange for standard work hours, allows them to ensure a decent life for their families, cover their essential costs and cope with unforeseen events.”

Our shares, a major asset

We involve you in the Company’s performance. Employee share ownership is based on three main programs: share capital increases reserved for employees, the grant of performance shares and employee savings. In 2023, more than 52,000 current and former employees in more than 90 countries participated in the capital increase, representing a total of over €350 million. Each year, TotalEnergies also awards performance share grants to more than 10,000 employees. Developing employee shareholding is a key component of our policy for value sharing: for TotalEnergies, it’s the best way to give our employees a stake in the Company’s financial performance, to strengthen their sense of belonging and to align their interests with those of the shareholders.

  • >65
    of our employees are Company shareholders
  • 6,8
    employee shareholding in TotalEnergies’ share capital
  • +50
    growth in employee share ownership over the last decade

This is a multi-purpose package!

Don’t worry, you’re safe! At TotalEnergies, you have outstanding benefits. And so does your family. Pension, health, death and disability are all well covered. We provide you with a competitive package wherever you are - this is a global commitment.

In every country we operate in we provide a welfare plan or supplementary healthcare scheme with good coverage. Our death insurance, for whatever cause, covers at least two years of gross basic pay. Nearly 90% of our permanent employees already have that cover.

Lastly, our supplementary pension schemes help you to save or build up an unemployment or early retirement fund. At certain sites we also help you take care of small everyday worries: social workers, schooling expenses for children, support for relocation or buying a home, works councils, parent support, etc.

Choose peace of mind at work

Hiring you is a long-term commitment, through good times and bad. Responsible and supportive, we stand together. This mutual support forges a corporate culture in which we know we can count on each other, create a trusting relationship, and commit to the long term. More than a safety net, it guarantees great peace of mind.

Dialogue with employees, key to our successful transformation

We strive to encourage regular dialogue with employees and their representatives. In countries where employee representation is not mandatory under local legislation, the creation of a body to foster dialogue is proposed. A total of 92% of our employees have union representation or employee representatives.

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