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At TotalEnergies, every employee is a talent. This is why we provide ongoing support as you continue to build on your strengths throughout your career with a robust learning model: learning by doing, learning with peers, and through continuous training. We also offer individual career reviews.

A constant focus on new skills!

Nothing is constant except change! At TotalEnergies acquiring new skills is no empty promise. Quite the opposite! You will continue to learn and discover new things every day, expand your knowledge, develop, and grow, becoming more experienced, confident, engaged and efficient so that you can rise to your professional and personal challenges. Our practice-based approach is built on a robust model: “growing by doing”, which involves learning by doing, learning with peers and through continuous training.

A stimulating way to learn


Learning by doing is essential, since your know-how increases with experience.

Working and communicating with your peers all year round, in different communities and in contact with new professions and fields of expertise also helps you to learn through dialogue, knowledge-sharing and mentoring. And learning through continuous training opens up new horizons through customized programs.

Each of these three drivers its own positive impact that is leveraged in combination with the others.

This model, which has a proven track record in rising to the technological challenges we’ve been faced with in the past, is now helping us to develop the skills we need for a successful energy transition.

Take charge of your training!

You can freely choose up to three days of training each year without requiring approval from your manager, in areas that you feel are important for your development and give free rein to your ambition. At TotalEnergies you truly are in charge of your training. These three days are additional to the training necessary to perform your job, as well as mandatory training, in safety, for example, and for building a multi-energy culture, like our Visa program.

Better Together!

Each person has talent that deserves to be developed. This is the message of our global “Better Together” people ambition launched in 2019 and based on three cornerstones: developing individual talent, promoting manager-coaches and building a good place to work. Better Together gives our employees a central place in the Company’s performance. It is also an opportunity for us all to construct a shared multi-energy culture, in a positive and inclusive environment.

  • 97
    of employees followed at least one training course in 2022
  • 470, 000
    days of training were organized in 2022
  • 5
    days of professional training offered each year

Choose your project!

There is a large variety of training available, adapted frequently to suit your development needs.

Our catalogue offers nearly 6,000 training options, both in-person and remote. They cover all technical, business and support fields, including management and personal development. With the help of your manager and talent developer, you identify the training you need to build your skills, to empower you to succeed in your job, achieve your goals and get ahead in your career.

Our goal is for every employee to spend at least five days a year in professional training. We also offer managers a specific training course to develop their management skills.

OLEUM, training for technical professions

TotalEnergies also has specific training centers for its technical professions, like OLEUM in France. This center combines technological expertise, with more than 30 certified specialist trainers, and technical educational platforms. Established at two sites in France (Dunkirk and La Mède) OLEUM provides a full-sized Seveso environment and offers technical training for operational, maintenance, inspection and safety professions among others. Training leading to internationally recognized certification is also available, including the Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training approved by the Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization, and wind turbine training, certified by the Global Wind Organization. OLEUM takes trainees from all the Company’s business sectors from all over the world, as well as external partners and customers.

Get a step-up

Where do you want to go? We pave the way by providing a regular career review, performed in a supportive fashion by your talent developer, who helps you build your career plan. You identify your prospects for advancement pragmatically, based on your experience, skills and ambitions, then determine the appropriate route and actions to be undertaken to achieve them. This gives your career a real boost!

“Since their introduction, more than 6,500 individual career reviews have been carried out to help our employees make informed decision in planning their careers effectively”

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