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Your health is also our health and energy! We are committed to caring for your physical health, protecting your psychological well-being, and enabling a fulfilling family life all around the world. For us, this isn't a luxury; it's common sense. Your health and well-being are essential to your growth and performance.

Your health is a treasure we preserve

At TotalEnergies, we care for your overall physical and mental health, no matter your location. Throughout your career, you benefit from individualized health monitoring, adapted to the risks to which you may be exposed in your work, through the assessments of our prevention and occupational health teams. You are entitled to a health-check at least once every two years, unless specific local situations or regulations provide otherwise. For expatriations, on your own or with your family, all expatriating family members will have a health-check before leaving.

Our Safety & Health targets

  • Zero
    fatal accident
  • 0.65
    by 2023
    number of recorded incidents per million hours worked
  • 99
    of our employees with specific occupational risks received regular medical monitoring in 2022

Worldwide coverage

We harmonize our medical practices to ensure equivalent attention and care in our 130 host countries.We have opened five clinics in Africa, in Gabon, the Republic of Congo, Angola, Nigeria, and Uganda. These facilities are open to all our employees on site and their families.

We conduct vaccination and prevention campaigns for our employees, their families, and local communities for diseases such as COVID-19, AIDS, cancer, and malaria.

We also partner with a number of national health programs, like Pink October and Movember.


Global doctors!

The doctors in our international medical department oversee the operational medical logistics in our host countries. This includes organizing health services, providing medical attention and assistance for expatriate employees and their families, auditing medical services, performing health evaluations, managing health evacuations etc. A “coordinating doctor”, who has overall responsibility to coordinate our medical efforts, adapts and steers our entire prevention strategy in liaison with various committees of experts and health contacts.

A healthy mind makes for a healthy workplace

There's no place for conflict, tension, incivility, aggression, nor harassment at TotalEnergies. We have long been aware of psychosocial risks and developed a worldwide program to prevent, detect, and address them with the clear objective of protecting your mental health. We start at the source, with a system to measure stress and evaluate risk factors in the work environment. We also raise awareness among our employees and managers and train them to avoid these risks in their daily lives. A practical kit has been distributed throughout the Company and a training program, which is approved by international experts, has been developed for our managers.

Making family life easier

We offer personal leave for each major milestone in your family life: marriage, sick child, death, in-home care. We can also provide assistance for schooling, childcare or home purchases. Social workers are present at certain sites, in France for example, to inform and guide you on personal or family matters. These services are adapted to each country's specific situation.

We make your family's life easier

We give you time to look after your family. For the arrival of a child (birth or adoption), we provide leave of at least 14 weeks for the mother and 2 weeks for the father and maintain the base salary at 100% (or more, if local measures offer greater protection). We have a neutral definition of family, meaning that these measures apply regardless of the make-up of your family, including for same-sex couples. This leave does not impact your future compensation; on your return, we guarantee an increase equal to the average individual increases received over the previous three years. We apply these commitments to all our employees, all over the world.

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