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For uses where replacements are hard to find

Do you share our ambition of spearheading a responsible strategy?

  • Focus on the most resilient oil and gas projects while prioritizing value over volume
  • Gear our refining capacities and sales towards changes in demand
  • Increase our production of renewable fuels
  • Promote the circular economy when using plastics to lighten materials and improve thermal insulation

Our employees have their say:

"I'm part of the team in the EP Division that is responsible for consolidating the Company's reserves. Our consolidated figures help shape the organization's long-term strategy. We have insights into what the deposits are going to produce and the investments that will be required over the next few years. TotalEnergies offers a gold mine of opportunities for young engineers like myself. I've got the opportunity and the desire to branch into all the different energy sources, whether LNG, wind or solar, which is really exciting!"

Pierre, Assistant Manager of Reserves Consolidation, Exploration & Production Division, Paris

Stéphane Cambier

"When plans to revamp the La Mède refinery into a biorefinery were given the go-ahead in 2015, nobody at the time could have guessed that the project would make such perfect sense in today's world. It was a bold decision. But the project proves that TotalEnergies is writing another chapter in the book on energy transition. The refinery now produces renewable fuels and biojet fuel! Used oil in boat ballast tanks and holds is recovered and micro-refined to give the oil a new lease of life. Soon we'll be seeing green hydrogen and biogas. We're also looking into the prospect of farming seaweed, which represents a tremendous raw material for biofuels and an excellent solution for capturing the CO2 generated by the biorefinery's boilers."

Stéphane, Upstream Onshore Director, OneTech Division, Paris - (Director of the La Mède refinery between 2019 and 2021)

«Our team faces some daunting challenges, such as masterminding technology solutions for producing biofuels while complying with an increasingly stringent set of environmental regulations and satisfying the growing level of demand from our customers. The aim is to inject greater efficiency into our production processes while producing biofuels in greater quantities. The key to success lies in teamwork! I find it incredibly rewarding to see all these talented individuals spurred into action by our new ambitions. It really fires me up when it comes to defending our ideas and projects.»

Angélique, Head of the R&D Biofuels Program, OneTech, Paris