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Always forward-looking, TotalEnergies relies on students, new graduates and people with limited work experience to stay at the cutting edge of innovation and shake things up. Your perspective, your expectations, your way of thinking and your commitment take us in the right direction: towards a sustainable multi-energy world. We strongly believe that you can provide and develop solutions for meeting the challenges we face today.

What if your first job was at TotalEnergies?

As an employer, we help to train new graduates to be best equipped to choose their career path. In France, we welcome more than 2,000 graduates a year through work-study programs, who join international and multidisciplinary teams in a multitude of different jobs: engineers, IT experts, data scientists, geophysicists, drillers, accountants, business analysts, communicators, and financial, legal and economic specialists. Each year we also provide nearly 1,000 internships for students from schools and universities.

Portraits of students and graduates at TotalEnergies:

Overseas volunteering at TotalEnergies with VIE!

Would you like to explore the world? Each year, around 250 French and European graduates, aged 25 on average, take part in the VIE (volunteer for international experience) scheme with TotalEnergies. In 2022, 80 affiliates in 40 countries hosted our VIE program participants, generally for 18 months. And all professions are available! On-site we place you in an operational situation, with real responsibilities, as part of a local team. Over 2,200 new graduates have taken this opportunity since the Company started the program in 2002.

Trying is believing!

Current and former employees are eager to rate us! And their opinion is confirmed by several labels: our Company is a good place to work. A good atmosphere, team spirit, a range of careers, a stimulating environment, independence, opportunities to learn, a shift to renewables: our interns and work-study students give us the thumbs-up! In France, each year we’re certified by HappyTrainees, which measures the recommendation rate given by our interns and work-study students: 87% in 2022.

Listening to our junior employees

We are always listening to the expectations of our new recruits worldwide to make sure we meet them effectively. This survey is carried out every two years. In 2022, 2,300 junior employees responded, and...

  • 89% learned new things and developed skills over the previous twelve months,
  • 88% believed in the Company’s ability to successfully implement its strategy,
  • 86% firmly believed that our strategy meets today’s challenges,
  • 85% felt respected at work,
  • 83% enjoyed a good work-life balance,
  • 83% would recommend TotalEnergies as a good company to work for.

Connecting with our junior employees

At TotalEnergies, young people are truly driving forces for change. In 2022, for the first time, nearly 300 employees under 35 from around the world came together for two days at the One Young Campus, connecting with members of the Executive Committee and the Company’s senior executives. They made concrete proposals on six key topics: climate change, sustainable development, position on controversial projects, diversity and inclusion, talent development and the Company’s future. In 2023 we took the same approach with employees aged 35 to 45.

Come and meet us

We encourage frank, direct communication with students in order to share our vision of the common good, challenges to be met, and realistic and positive changes to make. We provide many arenas for discussion so that you can understand us better, without the familiar stereotypes.

Your voice is important. This is why we are building relationships with schools and universities throughout the world: to get to know you and to show who we are. Forums, round tables and workshops provide opportunities for transparent discussions with our employees, to learn about our jobs and projects, and our HR policies. This is the best way for you to make informed choices. And you’re welcome to visit our sites! Every year students visit our offices, industrial facilities, construction projects, solar plants, refineries and laboratories.

We also encourage you to take part in our scientific projects as part of your educational curriculum, addressing future-facing subjects such as hydrogen. Our goal? To actively involve you in the transformation.

Scholarships for international students

We sponsor students from our host countries so that they can continue their studies in France and develop their skills, in a wide range of fields. These international scholarship students are selected by our local teams. They enter multi-year academic programs, from bachelor to doctorate level. For example, we fund several students on Masters degree courses at the IFP School, a French engineering school in the fields of energy and sustainable mobility. In 2022 the Company funded and supported 188 scholarship students from various countries: Angola, Mozambique, Azerbaijan, Rwanda, Brazil, Oman, etc. In all, since 2004, 1,700 students have benefited from a scholarship.

Helping new graduates find jobs? It’s a civic duty

Education and helping people to enter the workforce are priorities for us.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we contribute to many programs for the most vulnerable sections of society, at every level of the educational system.

The Company is similarly committed in all its host countries: training teachers, developing educational infrastructure, facilitating access to education, guiding people to employment, etc. In Nigeria for example, we have sponsored a skills acquisition program to help entrepreneurs take their first steps.

The TotalEnergies Foundation’s commitment to young people

TotalEnergies firmly believes that businesses must be committed corporate citizens, above and beyond their economic, social and societal contribution. This is why we also undertake initiatives of public interest that we have chosen to focus mainly on young people, especially the most vulnerable. They are implemented in France by the TotalEnergies Foundation and contribute to our company’s civic engagement. Thus, the Foundation fully financed the creation of Industreet, an innovative campus that trains young people in professions experiencing shortages, tuition-free. At the end of 2022, more than 200 young people aged 18 to 30 were enrolled. Other examples of corporate citizenship include: in Argentina, its teams have supported young people aged 12 to 18, to prevent absenteeism and early school leaving. Since 2012, 89 young people have taken part in the Futuros Egresados program, and 45 successfully completed their diploma. Another example: in Belgium, TotalEnergies has partnered with the nonprofit YouthStart, which provides an intensive, short training program to give to young people who are not at school, in training or employment a positive outlook on their background and future.

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