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Improving energy efficiency and scaling down the impact of human activities is a must for achieving carbon neutrality

Do you share our ambition of developing carbon sinks?

  • Protect or regenerate natural carbon sinks while working closely alongside local communities
  • Develop projects to offer carbon capture and storage capacities (CCS) at our own sites

Our employees have their say:

Louise Tricoire

"After holding a number of different positions in marketing, the Company entrusted me with setting up a "CO2 fighters squad" to promote the low-carbon solutions pioneered by the business divisions. I recently took part in creating the OneTech Division, which is home to some 3,400 engineers working on moving the Company's energy transition ambitions forward. Now I'm in charge of the Customer Line CO2. With a helping hand from various experts (oil and gas architects, systems integrators, geo-scientists, etc.), my team and I are focused on identifying key opportunities for the Company's "carbon neutral" solutions and delivering operational support to the business functions for costing projects and determining their feasibility. The challenges are fascinating."

Louise, VP Customer Line CO2, OneTech Division, Paris

"After two highly different experiences within TotalEnergies, firstly as an economist and secondly as an offshore operations engineer, I directed my skills towards the challenge of capturing and storing CO2. It took four years of hard work to build this new industry from the ground up and create Northern Lights JV in Norway in partnership with Equinor and Shell. Now I'm responsible for leading NL's strategy and achieving a number of fascinating objectives, such as selling our carbon-neutral services to European manufacturers. In my eyes, NL exemplifies how TotalEnergies is harnessing its expertise to drive the energy transition."

Philippe, Strategy Director for Northern Lights JV, Exploration & Production Division, Norway

Elise Roc picture

"After an eight-year stint in the Exploration & Production Division, I was looking to get involved in a project that would be more in line with my aspirations of taking action to combat climate change and create a positive local impact. The Northern Lights project ticked all my boxes with its mission of decarbonizing industrial activities across Europe. Now I'm building on the project management experience that I gained in the EP Division to help our customers commit major investments in the construction of these new facilities. It's actually the strong level of mobility and cross-functional cooperation between the divisions that has helped transform the Group in such a short space of time." 

Elise, Business Developer Northern Lights JV, Exploration & Production Division, Norway