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Mission-critical for our transformation.

Do you share our ambition of leveraging digital technologies to break new ground and create value?

  • Design best-fit digital solutions for all areas of application
  • Harness the benefits of the agile methodology to accelerate large-scale developments for users around the world
  • Transform how we work, think, act, decide and collaborate

Our employees have their say:

« The Digital Factory was specifically created to ramp up the Company's use of digital technologies and support its transformation. We're aiming to leverage all our ingenuity and take advantage of digital technologies to provide more energy while reducing carbon emissions and ultimately achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. We develop bespoke solutions that push the envelope and create value for all TotalEnergies activities around the world. We're a powerful catalyst for transforming how we think, work, act and collaborate. The Digital Factory features 300 experts under the same roof at Rue des Jeûneurs in Paris and offers close support for the Company's business functions. Come along and pay us a visit! »

Frédéric, CTO & CDO Digital Factory, Paris


« When I joined the Digital Factory's Data Studio, I saw that there were two major opportunities. Basically, you can learn everything there is to know about the Company's divisions, from their organizational structure through to the problems facing the business functions, and take a closer look at the scores of projects involving machine learning. Data science is an excellent way to learn the ins and outs of the other functions within the Group. For example, data are an invaluable ally for understanding and reducing CO2 emissions at offshore platforms. Here at the Digital Factory, we provide them with a different perspective using data, such as gathering, monitoring, understanding and taking the appropriate action. Only then is the project released with the aim of standardizing the solution. »

Najate, Data Scientist Digital Factory, Paris

Florian Bergamasco

« When we're asked to review an idea for a product, my job is to evaluate the idea from every possible angle, such as challenging the views of the business experts, measuring the product's desirability in the eyes of the end customer, ensuring that data are available, and determining the idea's financial value, HSE performance and CO2 impact. It's extremely rewarding to help our colleagues in operations, develop an idea into a viable digital solution, and play a part in transforming their business :) »

Florian, Product & Innovation Manager Digital Factory, Paris