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As carbon-neutral policies are launched towards the world, electricity will clearly be the energy of the 21st century!

Do you share our ambition of making electricity the driving force for all our core businesses and activities?

  • Become one of the world's top five producers of renewables (solar and wind)
  • Span the entire electric value chain and provide end customers with an end-to-end range of solutions
  • Carve our status as a major player in the electromobility sector

Our employees have their say:

"TotalEnergies is aiming to quickly join the world's top five producers of renewables. The means and resources that the Group has implemented, especially its offshore wind developments, are more than a match to fulfil those ambitions. Our portfolio already contains six projects representing over 5 GW in Great Britain, France, South Korea and Taiwan. We're also exploring a number of prospects and bidding on invitations to tender around the world. The tech-ops teams are ready and waiting to keep pace with the high level of growth. For over a year now, I've been busy harvesting a wealth of skills from inside and outside the Group to create a hardcore team with responsibility for vetting and greenlighting the design and costing for each project and also keeping an eye on all the technical aspects of our assets."

Grégoire, Customer Lines Power Wind Manager, OneTech Division, Paris

"The Go Green project is a shining example of the Company's pioneering spirit. TotalEnergies has forged even stronger synergistic ties between its different divisions while building on the commitments outlined in the Company's "Climate Ambition" strategy and responding to the need to reduce CO2 emissions at our refineries across Europe. Working in this type of environment offers a tremendous amount of flexibility, and you can always draw strength from the advantages of being part of an integrated Company. I can easily picture my future in the Company, because there are countless opportunities for climbing the career ladder as well as superb support from the HR team. The Company is a great place to work and still offers me plenty of challenges, starting with the need to put together a structured funding package for a 5 GW project currently in the development stages :)"

Julia, Lead Project Finance Advisor, Gas, Renewables & Power Division, Spain