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TotalEnergies: a company with a wealth of opportunities

  • Because diversity is an integral part of our Company's history and inextricably woven into our DNA
  • Whatever your origin, gender identity, age or background, your experience is one of your greatest assets
  • Everyone has a place at TotalEnergies and in any one of our fields of activity!


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Are you looking to thrive in an empowering work environment with international prospects?
Join a multi-energy organization committed to tackling all the issues facing our planet.

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Looking for a first work experience that resonates with your future career aspirations? Work placements, apprenticeships, internships, etc... 

  • Every year, we recruit over 1,600 interns
  • 91.2% of trainees and interns recommended TotalEnergies in 2021
  • TotalEnergies is among the top five in the HappyTrainees rankings

Fancy broadening your horizons and discovering the world?

  • Every year, over 100 young graduates sign up for the Volunteer for International Experience (VIE) program
  • To carry out an assignment lasting between 12 and 24 months in our subsidiaries
  • All our business activities are concerned!

Looking to turbocharge your education?

IFP School - championing energy innovation and sustainable mobility 

  • 16 Master's programs, 80% of students are company-funded
  • 150 companies hire IFP School graduates
  • To enroll: IFP school

If you join one of our Graduate Programs ? 

OneTech Graduate Program

  • The two-year OneTech Graduate Program gives you the opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and gain your first experience in energy sectors, in particular renewables energies. 
  • To apply: go to the dedicated page 

Young Graduate Program 

  • An initiative targeting young graduates in over 30 African countries
  • Over 450 Young Graduates, 45% women, over 100 partner universities
  • Close to 80% of Young Graduates have found a job after completing the program
  • To apply: visit the TotalEnergies subsidiary websites and follow the instructions


Our employees have their say

"My experience was quite simply exceptional because my colleagues and managers were so kind and professional. They were all highly grateful, pleasant and available whenever I needed them. I really enjoyed the assignments that I was given."

Marina, 22, intern in Pau (France)

"What I enjoyed the most during my experience was the opportunity to talk and learn with people from a wide range of backgrounds. I was able to take part in events featuring companies or business groups that would have otherwise been practically out of reach."

Sofiane, 26, on a full-time work-study program in Paris La Défense (France)

"Good communication and the motivated teams quickly made me feel at home. Generally speaking, people are interested in what I'm doing, and I love talking about my work. In addition, nobody shuts down my ideas or is opposed to change, so I can easily speak up and voice my ideas."

Sarah, 24, intern at the Normandy Refinery in France

"My experience helped me grow as an individual and taught me a lot of new skills. Within a week of joining the company, I already felt completely at ease. That was quite reassuring and motivating, because I had to spend my six-month internship working from home due to health restrictions. Despite the unprecedented situation, I felt as though I could really count on my team for support."

Laurent, 23, intern in Lacq (France)

"Despite the unprecedented health crisis, the VIE program was an incredible professional experience for exploring the opportunities for the Nature-Based Solutions for TotalEnergies in Australia and launching local pioneering projects on the other side of the world. The VIE program is the ideal chance to experience an all-encompassing adventure that pushes you out of your comfort zone. The experience will help you grow as you discover new horizons, new interests and new ambitions, while meeting some truly inspirational people."

Ines, VIE in Australia, Nature-Based Solutions Project Manager, Exploration & Production Division

"The VIE scheme gave me the opportunity to play a hands-on role in implementing TotalEnergies' new "electric mobility" activity in Spain. My contract had barely started than I was offered a number of responsibilities. We inaugurated our very first public charging points, which was the culmination of all our hard work and also a great challenge. It has been a superb adventure and a real boost for this young graduate's career. I learnt a new set of work practices and I immersed myself in the culture of my host country. Improving a new language when carrying out different assignments is a great way to avoid doing the same types of VIE program." » pour les éviter les « V.I.E » répétitifs"

Morgane, VIE program in Spain, Electric Charging Point Development Support, Marketing & Services Division

"The VIE program with TotalEnergies gave me chance to hold down several responsibilities for my first job. TotalEnergies also placed its trust in me as a solar business developer based in Oman. The VIE scheme provides excellent experience of being exposed to an international environment just after graduating. It gave me a first-hand glimpse of the work that French companies are doing abroad."

Yann, VIE program in Oman, Solar Development Projects Engineer, Gas & Renewable Products Division

"The VIE program allowed me to work in a major, dynamic and cosmopolitan European capital, while getting involved in a number of innovative projects within the Group. It's a unique opportunity to work in another country, soak up a different work culture and improve your foreign language skills."

Axel, VIE program in Germany, Digital Projects Manager, Marketing & Services Division