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As part of its ambition to get to net zero by 2050, TotalEnergies is building a world class cost-competitive portfolio combining renewables (solar, onshore and offshore wind) and flexible assets (CCGT, storage) to deliver clean firm power to its customers 24h/24. At the end of 2023, TotalEnergies’ gross renewable electricity generation installed capacity was 22 GW. TotalEnergies will continue to expand this business to reach 35 GW in 2025 and more than 100 TWh of net electricity production by 2030.

We design, finance, build and operate large solar and onshore wind plants. Leveraging our longstanding presence and deep roots in different parts of the world, we deliver projects that are both reliable and sustainable over the long term. For example, we have entered into agreements to develop an 800-megawatt (MW) solar plant in Al Kharsaah, Qatar. TotalEnergies’ portfolio in offshore wind has a total capacity of more than 16 GW, with most farms bottom-fixed. These projects are located in the United Kingdom (Seagreen, Outer Dowsing, West of Orkney, Erebus), South Korea (Bada), Taiwan (Yunlin, Haiding 2), France (Eolmed), the United States (Attentive Energy and Carolina Long Bay), and Germany (N-12.1 and 0-2.2).

A range of professions to support transition

Working in renewables isn't just for specialists - it goes beyond energy! The company also needs legal skills to obtain building permits, listening and communication skills to dialogue with local communities, forecasting specialists to optimize infrastructure efficiency... At the same time, we need to think about electricity transmission, substations, submarine cables, interconnections with the terrestrial grid...

The success of our renewable energy projects depends first on the expertise and commitment of our renewable project managers and developers, electrical engineers, operation and maintenance engineers, technicians, sales engineers, business developers, analysts.... But we also need financial and legal skills, for example to obtain building permits, as well as listening and communication skills to engage with our projects' stakeholders. At the same time, our employees also have to think about electricity transmission, substations, submarine cables, interconnections with the terrestrial grid... If you're looking for a job in renewable energies, if you want to make a difference on a large scale, if you want to take part in major projects, join us!

Video: The essentials about working in renewables

Renewables also mean...

TotalEnergies and the decarbonization of its European refineries

TotalEnergies is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of producing, converting and supplying energy to its customers. One of the levers identified by the Company is to use green or low carbon hydrogen to decarbonize its European refineries, a move that should help reduce its CO2 emissions by around five million tons a year by 2030. Aiming to fully decarbonize the hydrogen used in its European refineries, the Company launched in September 2023, a call for tenders for the supply of 500,000 tons per year of green hydrogen.

TotalEnergies and Sustainable Aviation Fuels

TotalEnergies is developing Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). These are biofuels produced from waste and residues from the circular economy (animal fats, used cooking oils, etc.) and "e-jets", synthetic fuels for aviation. These sustainable aviation fuels will significantly reduce CO2emissions from air transport.